We offer a comprehensive ball mastery curriculum designed to give you an edge during competition.  The detailed training focuses on 1v1 skills which are imperative to learn at a young age.  The key teaching points of EVERY session include:


Dates, Times and Location can be determined between Coach and parents.
One Session Cost: $80
Five Sessions Cost: $350
Ten Sessions Cost: $600


  • Escape dribbling moves:  Escaping tight spaces, turning away from crowded areas, and protecting the ball from the opponent.
  • Cuts, chops, and rolls: Beat moves using the inside, outside, and sole of the foot.  Change of direction to beat opponent.
  • Feints and fakes: These are the setup movements before executing a cut, chop, or roll to beat an opponent.
  • Finish the move: The burst of speed or change of pace needed to beat an opponent.

* If inclement weather prevents training, all sessions will be rescheduled.

Steps to Register

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