Get a head start on your conference, county and state rivals. How? Baltimore Soccer Academy’s trainers will come to your site for our HS pre-season prep program.

We will completely customize a curriculum for your individual team based on communication between you and the BSA staff, or you can choose to use our recommended version. Either way, our staff, in collaboration with you and your players, will provide an excellent experience and a guarantee that your program will start the season with an opportunity to experience success.

Camp Details
Where: We come to you!
When:  Summer
Ages: 14 - 19 (including incoming freshmen)
Ability: All ability levels
Duration: 9 Total hours
We can select days & times that are convenient for your players
Times: Day, Evening
Other: All players receive a shirt
If you would like to hire a BSA trainer for a High School Team Camp, please email socceracademyofbaltimore@gmail.com

HS Team Camp Curriculum (Example)

Monday (3 Hours)

  • Attacking with the ball – 90 minutes
  • Principles & styles of defending – 90 minutes

Wednesday (3 Hours)

  • Possession with a purpose – 90 minutes
  • Attacking play – 90 minutes

Friday (3 Hours)

  • Finishing formulas – 90 minutes
  • Counterattacking – 90 minutes

High School Team Camp Component Menu

BSA realizes that every team is different and has its own unique camp demands. On each BSA pre-season camp, content can be tailored to the needs of the team to ensure that each team receives a truly beneficial camp experience.

BSA's experience of having prepared teams for over 15 years allows team coaches and managers to rest assured that their team is in good hands. Whether you're looking for BSA to completely design your camp, or you already know exactly what your team needs, we have the camp solution for you. BSA allows any team coach or manager to choose from one of three team camp options:

1. Allow BSA to design your pre-season camp
Leave the camp to BSA. We will give your team a comprehensive and effective camp experience that encompasses all critical aspects of pre-season preparation. Players will focus on physiological and technical conditioning through intensive ball-orientated workouts. The team will also become reacquainted with systems and styles of play through structured exercises, from small-sided games to units of players training in phase and shadow play.

2. Design your own curriculum from our a'la carte Component Menu
You can choose from our Team Camp Components Menu to create a camp that is focused entirely on the specific needs of your team. Choose from a menu of topics that cover everything from goalkeeper to forward and offer technical, tactical and functional training. From one-on-one instruction to phase play and coaching within the game, BSA trainers will ensure that every detail is covered.

3. Try a combination of both
This option is for a team that wants the comprehensive pre-season experience but still has a little to work on. Choose a small number of topics from our a'la carte menu and BSA will work this instruction in to the camp schedule. Whatever option you choose, BSA will provide every team with a pre-season that they will never forget!